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About REX Training

REX Training at offer state approved, self-paced and quality online courses for real estate and appraisal courses.

REX Training provide courses for Real estate and appraisal education for professionals who are escalating their career in continuing education, Pre licensing, and post licensing for professional development.

In today’s professional world where life is so busy to sit in classroom, we REX Training at can provide you the state of the art online education to gain your credits at your convenience. Our up-to-date, quick and easy courses deliver efficient and relevant knowledge material helps you to pursue your professional development.

Why RES Training

REX Training can be your best education partner for your career development in real estate and appraisal.

  • Our education is based on detail knowledge of real estate and appraisal industry and its licensing requirements.
  • Extensive range of online courses for real estate and appraisal with an extensive focus on modules of Real Estate Finance, Business Management, Commercial Finance, Leases, Sales, Cost Approach, Green Home Construction, Pricing Property to Sell, Tax Advantages of Home Ownership, Risk Management, Commercial MCE, Residential MCE, Residential Appraiser, Residential Market Analysis, Residential Report Writing, Sales Comparison Approach.
  • Courses can be accessed online all the time from your home or office.
  • Our courses are state approved and regulated.
  • Competitive prices of our online courses are the best fit to your budget.


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