Florida “Works Deluxe” w/Spanish Reference Book Florida "Works Deluxe" w/Spanish Reference Book, Florida "Works Deluxe" , "Works Deluxe" w/Spanish Reference Book, Reference Book, Florida Real Estate Sales Pre-License Florida Works Deluxe w/Spanish Reference Book Book has everything in it from "The Basic" and "The Works" packages PLUS the Spanish-version https://www.repractice.com/real-estate-pre-license/florida-real-estate-sales-pre-license/florida-works-deluxe-wspanish-reference-book/ 2018-10-12 640 400 repractice.com

Florida “Works Deluxe” w/Spanish Reference Book

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Florida "Works Deluxe" w/Spanish Reference Book

Florida “Works Deluxe” w/Spanish Reference Book has everything in it from “The Basic” and “The Works” packages PLUS the Spanish-version reference textbook Florida Real Estate: Principles, Practices and License Laws.

Make sure that you are set up for success for both the state exam and your future career in real estate. The book serves as an excellent quick and reliable reference throughout a real estate career–especially at the beginning!

Included in Florida “Works Deluxe” w/Spanish Reference Book:

Florida Sales Prelicense Course.
Florida Exam Prep: The only mastery-and-fluency-based exam prep system in the market. Packed with 6 testing lessons and an additional 6 exams, our exam prep covers hundreds of questions on both Florida and national real estate content.
MathMaster: There’s no need to be afraid of tackling math problems. The purpose of this is to give you the tools and expertise to “master” real estate math. Students will love the hands-on practice problems and detailed, clear descriptions of the purpose, use and formulas.
Florida Real Estate: Principles, Practices and License Laws (Book): Please note that our courses are designed to comply with the state requirements without the need of a textbook. This book is added value to the package and an additional resource.

Requirements for Completing Florida “Works Deluxe” w/Spanish Reference Book

There are three important steps to completing a course:
1. Complete ALL lessons in the course by answering each question correctly at least twice. Most questions are timed and need to be answered within the prescribed time for credit. A lesson is not complete until it is checked off on the main menu.
2. Once you have completed the lessons on the computer, you must submit a signed “Student Affidavit” that you personally completed the entire course yourself. Under state law, this Affidavit must be received before a Course Completion Certificate can be issued or your course completion can be electronically reported to your state (if applicable).
3. If a final exam is required, you must schedule a proctored exam (or take an online exam if available in your state) and pass the exam (please see “State Requirements” page for the specific passing score required in your state.) (The “Course Available” page will indicate which courses require a final exam, and whether they require a proctor or are available online.)
Once these three steps have been completed, we will issue a Course Completion Certificate or electronically report your course completion to your state (if applicable).

Getting Credit for Completion

You may have up to two opportunities to pass the exam (depending on your states guidelines). Once all course requirements are completed, you will be issued a Course Completion Certificate or your course completion will be electronically reported to your state (if applicable). It will be mailed to you via the U.S. Mail. The Certificate will be placed in the mail within 3-5 business days after you have satisfied all course requirements.

Renewal Deadlines: CE Deadline: March 31st or September 30th every 2 years, the date you renew depends on when you initially took your licensing exam and should be indicated on your license. Click here for Regulator Website

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Course Duration: 63.00 hr

Course Delivery Method: Online

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